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K.M. Wang is a prominent figure in the modern FengShui world. He is currently the Founder-cum-President of the International FengShui Culture Association, President of the Malaysia FengShui Association, President of the World FengShui Building Design Study Association and Honorary Principal of China Yixue and Kanyu College. He is the FengShui Strategy advisor of famous multinational groups and corporations around the world.

Born in Malaysia, Master Wang has always been tremendously fascinated by the metaphysical arts since a very young age. During his youth, he researched various religions and beliefs. He particularly worked very hard on learning the profound secrets of FengShui culture and was determined to become a world top FengShui master so as to popularize FengShui culture. He wanted to eliminate the idea of blindly following society in order to help to help people who were brought by fate, and who needed to improve their lives and change themselves for the better.

As a scholar of FengShui, Master Wang continues to upgrade himself by conducting on-site studies across Asia and has visited many places such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Cambodiam Vietnam, Macau, Shanghai, Nanjing, the Ming Dynasty tombs of Chin, Singapore, Indonesia etc. where he studied the local FengShui practices and received confirmation and substantiation of the Dragon Vein FengShui idealogy he advocates.

Master Wang Jian Ming
Founder cum President
International Fengshui Culture Association

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