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The Heaven and Earth give birth to a thousand things, thus indicating that man anliving things are born through a cross reaction of the heaven and earth.

FengShui Culture is a metaphysical method which uses the waxing and waning of Yin Yang theory in combination with the reaction between Heaven, Earth, Man and Time, the divination of Five Elements and the Celestial Stems and Earthly Branches.

With strong and deep roots lasting through time, FengShui Cuture has undergone a historical evolution of over 5,000 years. It traces its beginning back through a book by Guo Pu during the Jin Dynasty when FengShui was first recorded; the formulation of its first theories in the Han Dynasty and fold processes during the Jin Han era.

International FengShui Culture Convention (IFCC) is hence established to uphold the mission of promoting the essence of the FengShui Cuture and integrating the spirit of these ideologies into modern civilization.

By gathering International FengShui elites from over 25 countries across five continents, the 3rd IFCC promises an unprecedented FengShui festival in the host location of Bali, Indonesia.

Promote FengShui across all national boundaries and civilizations, unleash the best of cultural benefits in the contemporary time.

“OneWorld • One FengShui”

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