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The International FengShui Culture Convention (IFCC) was founded to uphold the mission of promoting the essence of FengShui Culture and integrating it in the spirit of modern civilization ideologies. Bali, Indonesia is given the honour to hold and host the third installation of this wolrd class convention.

This is in fact a large scale Feng Shui celebration. It has become a critical bridge of communication and interaction in the world of FengShui allowing this invaluable historical culture to prosper beyond the boundaries of China. By unleashing the most contemporary cultural charms, FengShui makes its way across the world and beyond civilization.

In 2010, the inaugural IFCC was held in GanZhou, which is known to be the “Cradle of the Hakka” in XiJiang province of China. The 500 odd participants who attended the convention went hoe in abundance. They brought back to their home country the FengShui culture of China as well as the other fruitful outcomes from this Convention. IFCC is indeed a golden opportunity for FengShui experts, scholars and local community to gather and foster friendships. It also serves as a platform for cooperation, bonding and harmonious development.

Looking back at the first and second IFCC, there were a lot of exciting activities such as a Field Study of GanZhou Ancient Town and a Study of the Kuala Lumpur city organized for the participants made up of international FengShui Masters. The town ands its buidings were designed according to FengShui by Master Yang YunSong. Participants had the best opportunities to interact with each other. The most credible and infiuential awards such as the Best FengShui Research Orgaization Award, Contribution Towards FengShui Culture Award and so on were given out to the those who were adjudged deserving by a judging committee of authoritative exoerts. Besides, the IFCC also brought in performance that highlights the local culture.

The 3rd International FengShui Culture Convention will be held in Bali, Indonesia with the continuing theme – “OneWorld • One FengShui”. This convention seeks to achieve new heights by gathering 500 FengShui experts and scholars from over 25 countries. Coming from countries such as the USA, Greece, Great Britain, Singapore, Australia Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa etc, participants will be discussing and exchanging on the Fengshui culture and ideologies of the modern living civilization to boost the harmonious development of economy and society.

As founder –cum-President of the International FengShui Culture Association and President of the Malaysia FengShui Association, I will continue to build a world class academic exchange platform based on the theme of this convention. I strongly trust that the goal of “OneWorld • One FengShui” can forge a mutual understanding in the hearts of all participants to march into the international arena through FengShui.

At the same time, I also look forward to meeting with all FengShui experts and participants. I hope they can see this global academic learning and exchange platform as a stairway to achieve personal career heights. They should grab this opportunity to display their academic achievements and shine, in so allowing the 3rd IFCC to bloom as well.

Master Wang Jian Ming
Founder cum President
International Fengshui Culture Association

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