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The 2nd International Feng Shui Cultural Convention 2013 was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from the 16th Aug to 19th Aug 2013, a total of 2 days of conference and special day of feng shui tour.

The IFCC2013 is a continuation to the vision that was started with the inaugural IFCC event held in Ganzhou, China, that being a platform for afficiandos and scholars of Feng Shui from the world over. There were representatives from 14 countries in total to this event. Each of these countries were represented by speakers ready and willing to share their knowledge and experiences at the IFCC2013 to foster the growth of the global body of knowledge of Feng Shui Culture.

This event was hosted jointly by the Malaysia Feng Shui Association and the International Feng Shui Culture Association. Under the able direction of Grand Master Wang Jian Ming, President of the Malaysian Feng Shui Association, the event was a great success with participation from over 300 attendees from over 14 countries.

Apart from the formal sharing of knowledge through the presentations, the mingling of such a group of people sharing a common interest also allowed for learning more about each other’s home countries. This lead to many new bonds of friendship and opportunities to work together be it in Feng Shui Culture or other areas.

It all started with the grand greeting of the incoming participants at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Every participant was greeted and transported in luxury coaches to the 5 Star One World Hotel where he Convention was held. These coaches were accompanied by Malaysian Police outriders as an honour to our international participants.

The next day, the Convention started with Grand Opening. A lion dance was performed by an award winning Lion troop which greeted the dignitaries and VIPs as they came to the Convention hall. A Grand Photo Session of the participants was taken with everyone wearing a Batik shirt (official tradition shirt of Malaysia) to commemorate this Second international Feng Shui Culture Convention.

The Convention started with the participants selecting the English or Chinese speaking halls. Acclaimed experts from all over the world came to share their knowledge. Who knew that buildings in Moscow had the Yin Yang symbol built into them back in the 1920’s?

After 2 days of presentations, everyone attended the Grand Dinner which had awards presented to the persons who had contributed greatly to the Culture of Feng Shui. Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai was presented with the award of World Grand Master of Feng Shui!

The final day was with a tour of the Nirvana Memorial Park which showcased many contemporary examples of Yin Feng Shui done by Masters from around the region. The whole park was created using feng shui principles. There is even a serene garden of Calligraphy representing the poems and calligraphy from a period of over 1000 years which all the participants enjoyed.

The day ended with a tour of Putrajaya, the government administrative centre of Malaysia. This is the seat of the Malaysian Government and participants were invited to observe how the Feng Shui of the city will determine the future of Malaysia.

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