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Among the main characteristic of the Inaugural IFCC was to provide the international FengShui Industry a platform for interaction, bonding and harmonious development. It presented a golden opportunity for FengShui Experts, scholars and also the local community to gather, celebrate and foster friendships. IFCC was the ultimate platform and stairway to achieve personal FengShui career heights giving participants a stage to show and shine.

Participants attended the first IFCC in unified outfits, which showed the uniqueness, globalization and cultural identity of FengShui Culture. The Convention also prepared a handbook with colour photos, brief introductions and contact information to boost partnership and communication among the global FengShui Community. Participants also received a certificate of participation in dual language as well as a collection of paper presented during the Convention. The certificate was stamped by the three organising bodies (namely China GanZhou Yang Yun Song Cultural Research Association, Malaysian FengShui Association and International FengShui Culture Association), Hence giving it a special commemorative value. Furthermore, special Yang Gong Luopans were given out as IFCC gifts. For its special making technique, beauty, practically and commerative value, the luopan bears an extraordinary meaning to the FengShui community and ethusiasts.

The 1st IFCC also managed to organize a large international FengShui Masters expedition team to undergo a field study at the Ganzhou Ancient Town known to be designed according to FengShui by the Late Master Yang YunSong. Moreover the Ganzhou Hakka Club had been so kind to organize a local community FengShui union from associations across the 18 counties in Ganzhou to interact with the Convention’s expedition team. They even shared from their studies some of the secrets about the FengShui Culture.

A prestigious award presentation ceremony was held during the first IFCC as well. In the uphold of a fair, open and commanding outcome, the organizing committee invited authoritative experts to form a judging committee to determine the most honorable and influential awards, including The Best FengShui Research Organization Award, FengShui Culture Contribution Award and so on. Advocating oneness of the heavens, earth and man, FengShui Culture is an invaluable treasure of the Chinese community. It is undoubtedly an intangible cultural heritage.

The first Convention attracted a strong line-up of media coverage. Tens of the popular local and foreign media teams were present throughout the entire process to cover news of the Convention. Photos and brief introdutions of the IFCC were also uploaded and promoted on local and foreign websites. A video has been made to capture the best of contents and exchange outcomes. All participants were given a copy in the form of VCD as well.

Besides, participants of the first IFCC were mesmerized by cultural performances which portray the GanZhou Hakka traditions. They also had the chance to visit the central regions of GanZhou. The South GanZhou Tea Harvesing Opera House was invited to show the folk culture of GanZhou too.

The Convention successfully ended with a closing ceremony that celebrates the writers of papers presented in the Convention, as well as members, experts and foreign friends who had contributed towards FengShui Culture. A ceremony to handover the organizing chairmanship to the next main organizer – Master Wang Jian Ming, President of the Malaysia FengShui Associa on, finally ended the first IFCC.

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